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What the TV Show “Friends” Can Teach Us About Exercise

by , Tuesday, March 4th, 2014
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The One With All the Exercise

It is very trendy to follow the workout regimens of various well-known celebrities. In light of that, I wondered: if the characters of the TV show “Friends” were real people, what would each of their workouts look like? I analyzed the characters’ personalities to determine how they would exercise and came up with their ideal workout. Read on to discover which character would be your ideal workout partner!

Free spirited and full of energy, Phoebe likes to run.  Just like she hates Pottery Barn, going to a gym is too “mass-produced” and makes Phoebe feel cooped up.  Going for an outdoor run or bike ride is more Phoebe’s style.  We should all learn from Phoebe’s love of nature and take time to appreciate the outdoors.


But do not forget to stretch afterward to keep your muscles loose!Phoebe-Gifs-friends-16836460-500-180

As a very controlling and dominant personality, Monica is dedicated to fitness to keep her fat days in her past.  In one episode, Monica demonstrates her hard-core exercise routine by attempting to train Chandler.  As a chef, Monica knows the importance of eating healthy in addition to exercise.  We should all learn from Monica’s dedication and realize we can achieve our fitness goals, no matter how big they may be.



As a ladies man, Joey knows the importance of being physically in shape, however he gets distracted and bored easily.  Lifting weights and going to the gym are not his style.  Joey invents different games to play to provide entertainment while staying active.  We should all learn from Joey’s imagination to get creative with our workouts.fireball

Ross has a very cerebral and intellectual personality.  He likes the calming effects yoga has on the mind.  After Ross was put on indefinite leave for losing his temper at work when his boss ate his sandwich, yoga was a way for him to gain composure.  We should all learn from Ross’s “unagi” to unleash the stresses of life through exercise.unagi

Ross also likes to do squats:big butts

Throughout the seasons, we saw Rachel evolve from a spoiled daddy’s girl to a strong and independent woman.  Rachel had a lot of change to deal with in her life, from being cutoff to being a single mother.  We should all learn from Rachel’s attitude that positivity is important for success.

Rachel excitedRachel also knows it is possible to exercise in style:tumblr_mm0xmx8MkC1s9ynu7o4_500

Chandler self-admittedly hates working out.  He has a gym membership only because he is pressured by the gym staff to keep it.  While I would not recommend Chandler’s approach of not exercising, he does teach us the importance of loving our bodies the way they are and seeing our own beauty.gym

chandlerIf you ever feel discouraged about working out, remember that even Ugly Naked Guy uses a Thigh-master.  Learn from all the fitness wisdom our favorite six friends taught us.  And never forget that fitness is more fun when shared with your friends!friends-football

— Isabella

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