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4 Classes/Month

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Lite Option

Meet the perfect option for the person who knows what they want and just needs to add some variety to spice up their fitness routine.

8 Classes/Month

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Most Popular

You crave the best workouts and won’t accept that they’re only at one studio. Get the results of a consistent routine with the rewards of choice.

12 Classes/Month

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Best Value!

The ultimate fitness experience in Houston allows for the greatest variety and greatest flexibility to build your perfect fitness lifestyle.

10 Class Pack – $150

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Most Flexible Option

Not sure how many classes you’ll be able to take each month? The SweatPass 10 Class Pack gives you 10 credits to use on SweatPass classes and 6 months to use them – the perfect starting place if you’re new to SweatPass.
*Note* attend any single SweatPass studio a max of 5 times per Class Pack.


peerFit SweatPass Callout

SweatPass Meet the Gyms Houston

The Fine Print:

Using your SweatPass: By purchasing the SweatPass from peerFit, each month you will receive the corresponding number of paid fitness class which you can use at participating peerFit gyms, subject to registration and availability. Your classes become available upon purchase and refill each subsequent month thereafter. There is no limit on how many of your classes you can use at any gym except at Revolution Studio** and Gym Bowie***. Class Expiration and Rollover: Before your classes refill each month, any unused classes from the previous month will rollover to your total for next month and will be available after you have used that month’s fresh classes. Rollover classes expire in 30 days. Payment and Cancellation: By signing up, you authorize us to charge your card or another available card for the plan you select plus any applicable taxes. You may cancel anytime, effective the next monthly billing cycle, by contacting us at info@peerFit.com or calling (352) 535-0044.

**Due to Revolution Studio’s class rates the following restrictions apply to how many SweatPass classes can be redeemed at their facility in a given month: 4 Pack = up to 2 Revolution Studio classes; 8 Pack = up to 3 Revolution Studio classes; 12 Pack = up to 5 Revolution Studio classes.
***Due to Gym Bowie’s class rates the following restrictions apply to how many many SweatPass classes can be redeemed at their facility in a given month: 6 classes, regardless of SweatPass Pack.